Odour removal services are necessary after a property has been exposed and affected by smoke, tobacco, moisture problems (mould, mildew), sewage, pet urine or dander, chemicals, and other contaminants. Odour remediation typically requires specialized deodourizing techniques to ensure the unpleasant smells will be eliminated for good.

Odour removal is needed to remove odour-causing particles from the air, but also to remove them from surface materials (such as walls, carpets, furniture) and porous items that they quickly absorb into (under pads, subfloor, wood, etc.). We have the equipment and know-how to properly treat an area from top to bottom to make sure odours do not return.

The professionally trained technicians from Garbutt Construction Belfor use their odour removing equipment, counteractants (ozone, sanitizers, disinfectants, enzymes) and environmentally-safe cleaning products to deodourize and to make sure odours are completely removed.

Our technicians are trained in pinpointing the cause of odours and removing the odours by cleaning all affected surfaces with proper cleaning agents that are safe to use on a variety of surface types. Our cleaning and restoration technicians will ensure that your property is safe to return to and that it is odour-free.

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