Hi Jason,

My name is Nancy Avolio and I’m writing to thank you for your expert first responder assistance on Friday, November 9th, when you stopped to help my aunt, Ann MacMaster and her friend Marj in Tiverton.  I’m sorry for the delay in contacting you but I just received your information yesterday, as I don’t live in your area.  Both Ann and Marj are extremely grateful for your kindness and quick-thinking and reacting to the scary situation.

Ann is making a remarkable recovery, thanks to your kind and professional response.  It was so nice of you to stop to help.  Not everyone would take the time.  You jumped into action and I’m sure that’s a huge reason for Ann’s quick recovery.  Thank you so much for calling the ambulance, for getting the first aid kit from the store and for bandaging Ann’s head.  She is in her 90s but you’d never know it on an average day.  She is very independent and leads a rich and full life.

Again, thank you so much for your help!  With your medical assistance, the ambulance staff’s and the hospital staff’s, I’m sure it made the difference between life and death and we so appreciate everyone’s great efforts.  It’s so wonderful to know that there are kind and caring people like you in the world.  We are more grateful than you’ll ever know.

Thank you again and have a great day!